Welcome !

Welcome !

Looking for a photo hide for bird photography in Gambia ?
Then you have found one !!

Burama Keita is a birdwatching guide of the Gambia. Together with the support of a Belgian friend, he has initiated a bird photography hide project.

The first hide was build near Bamakuno Forest in Sanghanya and has just recently been finished (december 2018). It is about one hour driving from the coast.

Although the hide is new, it attracted already a lot of common and uncommon or rare bird species, like red- and green-winged pytilia, black-faced firefinch, white-breasted cuckooshrike, white-shouldered black-tit, lead-coloured flycatcherdn, sulphur-breasted bush-shrike, dark-chanting goshawk etc… As the hide is new, the species list is far from complete, and new species turn up almost daily.

As water is scarce from December to June, birds are eagerly visiting sites where water is available.

Someone in the village is made responsable for the water supply and ticketing.

If you want to visit the hide, please use the contact form. Further detais will be provided.